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Personalized Videos for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

A Novel Approach to Building and Fostering Relationships

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How can personalized videos help BFSI?

Customer Onboarding:

Increase your customer appeal with personalized customer communication such as their plan, premium, coverage, interest, etc. to deliver the best customer experience. Clear and unambiguous video messages will be a great way to build relationships.

Educate Customers with On-going Communication:

Pique customer interest using videos by reminding clients on special occasions and product launches even personalized video reports, unique to every customer. This is a great way to show transparency, gain trust, and also engage your clients.

Cross-sell and Up-sell:

Leverage video personalization to showcase relevant offers on products such as credit cards, pension statements, loan accounts upping brand retention by 80%. Customize with appropriate CTAs and enable your clients to take the next step towards conversion.

Improved Customer Care:

Right from opening new accounts to reporting fraud, customer care never sleeps. Give a respite to the never-ending ringer and adopt video communication. Embrace video solutions every way through the account holder’s journey, improve awareness of feature usage, and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Decode Reward Programs:

Show individualized deals and reward programs for every customer. Let your privileged customer know about the specially desinged deals and rewards programs. This will not only to lead to customer delight but also to increase the average customer spend.

Use Personalized Videos to Spell Bind Your Customers